Sunday, March 04, 2012


The split or whatever you want to call it is the line about halfway down her foot.  It runs from the middle of the front all the way around to the heel bulb & is open.  Last night when she came in it was completely dry for the first time in weeks.  And from what I could tell it is still dry.  The drainage is from the newest opening up at the coronet.  This morning I'm soaking her with White Lightening, doing that a couple of times a week, & epsom salts or plain water the other days.  

I'm also pushing a pencillin wash into the openings once or twice a day with a small syringe.  I've used this before on a wide open chest abscess from being kicked that healed good, so hopefully this will help Jenny.  I thought it might cause a barrier that would cause the infection to move inward rather than outward.  So I will watch it carefully.  Right now the drainage is clear or a little bloody.  Got rid of the black, nauseous smelling stuff, hopefully for good. 

She is finally starting to eat again, thank heavens.  That antibiotic really messed up her gut.  The feed store pro-biotics seemed to do the trick.  Patti said I might try Florastor which is a "people"  product that says it "maintains the balance of the intestinal flora".  Might give it to John.  Since he is gluten intolerant, & he cheats by eating wheat now & then, his system probably would appreciate the boost.

This morning we heard thundering hooves before we went out.  Boaz was chasing Frijolita with a gleam in his eye.  Daisy was trying to join in the fun but she couldn't keep up the pace, which was pretty fast.  John went to Frijolita's pen, yelled at her & in she went, much to Boaz's disgust, he'd invested a lot of time & effort into "getting" her.  I hate to tell him, but in all the time she has been here, if she ever cycled we never knew it.  She definitely wasn't buying what he was trying to sell........!!! LOL

Somewhere in the fray, his knee bandage got caught in the brush I guess.  The only thing left of the diaper was the inner lining, have no idea where the rest of it went. 

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