Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Haven't heard from the vet clinic this morning.  John talked to Dr. Walker yesterday afternoon, & she was still down.  They planned on trying to move her today to the stall with a sling.  I thought that was going to be done yesterday, but guess not. 

He said she seems comfortable, is eating & drinking.  They did an IV of DMSO yesterday, I don't know why & John didn't ask.  I was at the emergency room with my Mother, so missed out on Q&A.  Mother's OK, by the way.......!!!!  

When I got home after dark John was still outside.  I usually do the pellets etc, John does the hay.  He forgot to soak Pepper's pellets.  He said he dump Pepper's food, walked back to the feed room, remembered he hadn't soaked, went back & Pepper was already choked.......!! SIGH!  This is why his pellets get soaked.  It took about an hour to get him cleared.  

So as usual we aren't bored.........!!!! 


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