Friday, March 09, 2012

Still windy, I know it's spring & wind is to be expected, but I DON'T HAVE TO LIKE IT............!!!! 

At least Arizona doesn't "do" daylight savings time, although I read the other day that the Hopi tribe does.  The weird thing is they are inside a  "doughnut" of I think it was Navajo reservation, that completely surrounds them.  WHY..??  I'll think of all you confused people Sunday morning.......!!!! LOL  I'm not sure if you lose sleep or gain sleep. 

Still doctoring Jenny, I just hope her hoof doesn't start breaking apart as it grows out.  Yesterday the drainage was just blood, no serum.  Not sure if that is good or bad. 

Next Friday we are going up to retrieve Quilla & Gus from Claire's.  John & I had SOOOoooo much fun yesterday afternoon working on the new pen arrangement.  First let me say, we have been married almost 51 years & early on we learned that in order not to get a divorce or kill each other, we would NOT try to work together.  I know a lot of couples do & get along just fine.  We don't.  

John was out working on the pens, & I made the mistake of going out & seeing "how it was going".................!!!  That changed the dynamics for the afternoon, & I stayed out there to make sure.......!!!  It's still not done, but we'll be ready by Friday.  And we're still talking to each other............!!!!  LOL

Looks like we'll be getting another mule too.  Last year there was an old mule up by Phoenix looking for a home & our neighbor that helps us a couple of days a week, said they would take him.  But they are moving to Colorado this summer to be closer to family.  He's blind in one eye, probably only sees shadows with the other & has pretty bad arthritis in both front legs.  So he's not a good candidate for finding a new home.  I just hope he can see well enough to be able to go out & not have to stay in a pen all the time.  If he buddies up with Rusty & Jack he should be OK. 

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