Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haven't heard form the vet clinic, week-ends aren't good for getting information even in people hospitals.......I know....been there, done that.  They are suppose to change her bandage today & see how it's doing.  Unless there is something going on, I doubt if they will call even then.  They locally infused antibiotics into the area during surgery, & she is on Baytril now, so I would think she should be doing good.  Sure hope so.

A blog watcher recommended Equisocks for Jenny's foot.  I read up on it & sounds like it might be a great idea for Jenny.  When the vet calls with an update I'll ask him about it.  The bottom inch or so of her hoof was already cracked horizonally about half way around.  Now that they've cut a "window" to the inside, it might not hang on as it grows out.  This stuff sounds like it might be a good idea.  As I read about it & how to use it, it sounded very much like the stuff they made my thumb cast out of last fall.  It was very sturdy, I even used it for a hammer a couple of times, when I needed one. 

Yesterday afternoon when John started rounding up early to feed, before we went to racing practice, everyone showed up except Pepper.  It's been weeks since he got down on his right side & couldn't get up.  John went over on Burroland & couldn't find him.  He could have walked across the driveway & saved himself a lot of walking.  Pepper was laying almost within sight, had been down long enough to scrape up his face.  We got a couple of ropes, flipped him over on his good side & after a couple of minutes, up he popped.  Since it was early he started to take off thru the trees for adventure, we had to "escort" him to his pen.  If his body was as strong as his mind, he would be  formidable.

Went to practice last night as planned.  Would have been more fun if my car had been  available, but it was good to see the others out there tearing up the dirt.  Looks like there are some new Hornets, so maybe we'll have more cars.  The more the merrier, especially if they are all on the track at the same time.......!!! (G)

John took a "sample" of what came out of the gas tank for "show & tell".  The general concensus is they probably put alcohol or methanol in the gas & it ate up the fuel pump.  It's a 4 cylinder Hornet, not a dragster or late model........!!! Jeeesh! 

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