Monday, March 05, 2012

WHAT IS IT.....??

That was my first question this morning when John came in & said, "you got to see this"............!!! 

Well actually I know what some of it is, donkey poo.  And I think it's probably a plastic bag that has managed to travel completely thru either Ruthie or Ruger.  It was in their pen & managed to make the trip without getting caught in the cecum or someplace else.........Whew...!!!

I have it soaking in a bucket of water to try to figure out what kind of bag.  It's lighter weight than the usual plastic bag, more like a produce bag from the grocery store.  I'll probably take a picture of it, if I can get enough of the poo off.

Our neighbor's aren't always careful with their trash & if the wind blows like it did a few days ago, John has to do a perimeter walk, to pick up trash.  Hadn't done that, but he's out there right now. 

We'll be taking Bijou down to his foster home Wednesday.  It sounds like it's going to be a great home for him, he'll even have a little goat friend.  The goat is crippled & doesn't go out with the horses & donkeys in the big areas.  So they can buddy up when the others are out running around.  

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