Tuesday, March 20, 2012


TWENTY degrees here this morning.........YIKES I thought winter was over & so did a lot of the trees & flowers in the area.  According to the weatherman, the rain/snow/sleet/wind is over & by tomorrow we'll be in the 70's.  Of course it will probably be in the 90's by next week.  One thing about the desert, the weather can be very interesting.  

Gus is still moving around even went over to Burroland yesterday, so the cold weather isn't bothering him too much.  I put leggings on all 4 legs & will leave them on till this cold snap is over.  He didn't appreciate having them put on the rear legs.  Of course when he "complains" it's done in such a mild mannered way, it's hard to tell if he's really upset or just letting you know it wasn't his idea.  Not even hardly worth him making the fuss....!!!  I've had a few that REALLY knew how to complain & let you know it.........!!!!  LOL

We're suppose to take Jenny up to Gilbert tomorrow to see if they have some ideas about her abscess/bone infection in her rear foot. She's been on the roller coaster of "it's getting better, it's not getting better" long enough.  I would imagine they will do a regional distal limb perfusion.  Since she is close to 3 legged lame, we're going to try to get the back of the trailer as close to ground level as we can & John will jack the front of the trailer up as far as he can.  Jenny is not the most cooperative girl on a good day.  And when she doesn't feel good, she can be a formidable opponent.  Like trying to move the mountain to Mohammad.  Vic, our wonderful neighbor is going to come over & help, so we should be able to get her loaded.  She rode down here from Phoenix almost 5 years ago with both front feet almost as bad as this rear one, so I hope she will make the trip OK. 


Witcheylady said...

Will be thinking of you & Jenny tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Wish I could get away & meet you in Gilbert...but no way.
Glad my little Gustomer Gustafus is moving around...I do worry about him when it's cold.

Tish said...

He seems to be doing OK, came in from Burroland this morning.