Thursday, March 08, 2012

I think Jenny's foot infection, "might" be getting a little better.  I'm still soaking her foot every day In Epsom salts & pushing penicillin into the 2 openings at the coronet.  The slash has not drained at all for almost a week.  The other 2 openings are still draining but very little, not even reaching the bottom of her foot in a day.  

Patti had given me a hoof care kit made by Decron Group to help open up the places at the coronet.  The day John picked up the package the area opened up so I could get the end of a syringe into the hole & squirt in my pencillin wash.  So far, so good, so I haven't tried the kit.

So this morning John noticed she had a sore on her lower lip.  Looks like she's had a cactus thorn embedded that finally worked out.  Poor girl, if it isn't one thing it's another for her lately.  I have a call into Dr. Shamis to let him know she's eating again. I hope he doesn't say start  her on the antibiotics again, although it did seem to help with the infection.  Destroyed her gut flora though.

Heard from Bijou's new mom, he's settling in nicely, got his mane & tail detangled & groomed this morning.  One thing I've noticed about these mini horses is they have a LOT of mane & tail.  It's hard to keep a fly mask on them, because of all the mane.  With him it's hard to find his ears, they are buried.  

Kathy said he's roaming around, investigating & one of the geldings has decided to watch him for the day rather than go out with the herd.  So he might have a big buddy to go along with Gabe the goat who knows.  No matter how much we think we know what is best for them, sometimes they make their own decisions.

For instance, this morning I got what I thought was a brilliant idea.  Gus & Quilla are coming back next week.  So the "pen dance" starts.  Cisco has been in Gus' old pen since he's been gone.  But Gus will go back into that pen when he comes back.  That leaves Cisco & Quilla looking for pens.  There's an small empty pen between Ruthie/Ruger's pen & Jenny's pen, so Quilla could go in that one.  Still need a pen for Cisco, although he could eat outside.  But he likes to have a pen.  This morning I remembered that BlackJack & Frijolita hang out a lot during the day, well at least BJ follows her around a lot.  And they are both "chow hounds" & eat fast.  So if they ate together Cisco could go into Frijolita's pen.  

I told John when he put everyone in their pens this morning to put Frijolita in with BJ................!!!!!  NOPE, not going to happen.  John said there was no way she was going in a pen with HIM......!!!  So we're working on plan B, which means we might have to rearrange some pens to make them more convenient for us, not for them.  The way they are now, you have to go thru a pen to get to another pen, which isn't always a good idea, depending on who you are trying to move past whom. 

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