Thursday, March 15, 2012

This morning when I let Mocha & Tucker out, Boaz was waiting for her & she thought Boaz might be the answer to her "prayers".  She displayed, Boaz tried to make the "parts" work like they use to before gelding, which of course they don't, thank goodness.  All the time Tucker is braying & getting in the way.  Mocha peed, Boaz peed & here comes little Tucker, I don't think he had a clue, but he did his little bit for the cause.  Then he jumped on Mocha, fell off & started nursing.  "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE"?  He's rather confused on his place in the world right now I guess..........  (G)

Won't matter after March 30th, he has a date with the vet.  We'll haul him & Mocha in for his "brain surgery", I hope it goes well.  I cringe every time one of them has to be gelded, it's such a barbaric surgery.  And he's such a little baby.  But it will be a lot easier on him at this age.

Recently Mark Myers at Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue gelded 200 in 3 days. The Vet students from Texas A&M come to his Miles, Texas sanctuary when he has a big group to geld & learn their trade in the field with the teachers overseeing the operation.  I wonder if all 200 survived?  With that many the law of averages comes into play, especially with inexperienced students doing the work.  I hope it was a good experience for all involved.  

Heading out in the morning to pick up Gus & Quilla.  We'll feed in the morning, Lisa will let them out once she gets the pens cleaned up, & Vic & Lora will feed at the regular time in the afternoon.  Their pens are waiting for them, & we'll feed them when we get home.  

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