Friday, March 02, 2012


 1917-1918 General Store

I think I might have figured out why the donkey's teeth were good & didn't need any hooks or waves worked on.  They all spend a lot of time "browsing" on brush, trees, firewood, whatever is on the property.  I wonder if all that wood chewing, keeps their teeth worn down?  Makes sense to me.  If they were on just hay all the time, it would be like a soft diet, compared to chewing on mesquite.  

Jenny still isn't interested in eating.  Patti has been giving me some good ideas up to & including taking her to Gilbert to see if "regional distal limb perfusion" might  help.  I guess we'll see how things go over the week-end.

Might have a soft place for Bijou to go.  Kathy has been a good friend for years & has a "soft" pen with a shelter that can open into a round pen.  She also has a horse & 2 donkeys.  If it works out we'll start out with her fostering, to see if it's a good fit.  He's such a good little guy, it would be nice if he had a more comfortable place to live, which means one with soft ground.  Kathy even offered to "till" the pen to make it softer.  

When Boaz came in this morning the bandage on his knee was askew.  Since it was covered with Elasticon, that stuff doesn't just fall off...........BUT.......if a little boy donkey was romancing one of the girls during the night, it could get pushed down on his leg.........BINGO!  I recognized the evidence from past "askewed" bandages on his knee.........!!!! LOL 

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