Sunday, March 18, 2012


The feed room porch is a favorite hangout for most of the donkeys at one time or another.  I don't know what the attraction is, although it is close to where they know "goodies" come from.  Jack the mule loves to hang out on the porch.  The other day I watched old Pepper struggle to get up on the porch.  It's about a 10 inch step up & between his cracked hip & lousy knee it wasn't easy for him.  He made it, & I asked him what he was trying to prove.  He didn't do anything once he got up there.  Maybe he was just proving he could still do it......!!!

Last night when John was rounding everyone up, the last one out was Gus.  John finally saw him wandering in from Burroland.  When he got over here John tried to lead him to his new pen over on the east side by Mocha & Tucker.  He got as far as the feed room & stopped, kept looking over to the west side, where his "old" pen was.  John tried to talk him into following him, but said all he got was sad eyes & Gus looking the other way.  Gus can be very expressive if he wants to.  John told him, "come on", headed for Gus' old pen, & John said he happily followed along.  

Of course it was a surprise to Cisco who was already in the pen.  Cisco is very flexible, although he had enjoyed being by his girlfriend, Tula.  (Hate to tell him, but she's EVERYONE'S girlfriend)  But he was willing to follow John to the new pen, which incidently was his old pen before we put Mocha up there before Tucker was born.  It was a large pen at that time, but now is 2 smaller pens....!!  I don't know what we would do if we had permanent pens, rather than corral panels.  John changes them around as we need another or larger pen.   


Witcheylady said...

How interesting! Gus remembered his old pen. Thank you for putting him back in it. Gus'personal room is very important to him. While Quilla could care less. They are such individuals. God love them!
Kiss both of those noses for me.
I really miss them, but time flies & fall isn't all that far away.

Tish said...

I think I'll wait to kiss their noses, the rain has made that not sound like much fun. LOL