Saturday, March 10, 2012


Not sure Justin will survive Tucker's upbringing.  Tucker has decided that Justin is his playmate & from what I can tell, Justin doesn't have a lot of say-so in the matter.  Last night poor Justin was trying to walk around with Tucker hanging from his back.  Tucker is learning that not everyone appreciates all his excess energy, he's learned to watch the rear feet when harassing his "victim of the moment".  He's spending more time away from Mocha, so I guess he thinks he's grown...!!   They are still staying in their pen at night, so they have time to eat.  In the morning they are anxious to go out & don't care if they leave hay or not.   

Monday I will be making his life "altering" phone call to the vet.  His little purse has something in it, just hope it's both of them.

Boaz's knee seems to be healing good, wish there was some way to get it covered with "real" skin rather than scar tissue, & a little hair would be nice too.  At least it won't be an oozing blob bouncing around anymore.  

Still doctoring Jenny.  She has never been what you would call cooperative.  She's not mean, won't kick you or anything like that.  We've been doing this for weeks, it's not like she doesn't know the drill.  She has to be tied up or she will wander off.  She doesn't walk off, she moves slow enough just to disrupt whatever I'm doing, usually trying to stick her foot in an IV bag with epsom salts water in it.  I swear she knows the most inopportune moment to move.  So she has to be tied, which doesn't stop her from jerking the leg when she feels like it.  Grrrr........!!! If I yell at her, she just looks at me with those big brown sad eyes, like I'm suppose to feel sorry for her. 

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