Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When I got up this morning this is what I saw outside the spa room window at John's bird feeding station.  Years ago he found out that if he wanted to feed birds outside the back yard wall, he would have to build a barrier between bird seed & donkeys.  And it would have to be sturdy enough to with stand attacks.  

He took a 16 foot cattle panel bent it around in a circle, put a gate in the end of it, added a few T-posts & it's held up to all attempts of the donkeys to tear it down.  I think they have all had a shot at it at least once.  

This morning was Gus' turn I guess.  I hadn't seen him out there before, but he seemed to think there should be some way to get in there.  This was the 2nd picture I took.  As you can see, his hearing is perfect, he heard the camera click from inside the spa room.  They all seem to know they aren't suppose to be there....!!!

Talked to Dr. Walker about Jenny this morning. He had called yesterday, but we got in from Tucson too late to call back.  She went down sometime between 1-6am Sunday morning & they haven't been able to get her up. She's eating & drinking.  They've blocked her re-sectioned hoof & it didn't make a difference. Blood work is good, muscle enzymes are a little high like tying up. He said she hates being in the inside stall, which would cause stress.  Saturday morning when they were cleaning her stall, she slammed the wheelbarrow out of her way & took off. Said she didn't go anywhere, stood outside the stall. I asked if he thought she had given up, he said no. They have a sling in another stall, so they are going to try to transport her to that stall or to an outside pen. Wanted to keep her inside for cleanliness, but looks like as usual with Jenny she's calling the shots.

When she came here 5 years ago, she was laying down pretty much 24/7, eating & drinking because of both front feet. So it's not like she's never done this before. Of course he discussed the "delicate" idea of cost. They are already over the estimate when we went in, but I'm not going to give up unless she does. Wonder if they have room for a lot of donkeys, to go with us to the poor house...!!! LOL

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