Thursday, March 01, 2012

Pancho Villa

We've been really busy the last couple of days.  We took Boaz into the vet yesterday to have his leg re-evaluated.  Nancy said it looked good, but needed some more cleaning up, so hopefully the skin can cover the area.  This time she just used a local & he did just fine.  

On the way home we stopped for a quick lunch.  A couple from Wisconsin came over to see Boaz & we visited for quite some time.  This happens quite often when we are hauling donkeys, people seem to be drawn to them.  He was a good boy & showed them how wonderful donkeys can be.  They said they might come out & see all the donkeys sometime this month, before they head back to Wisconsin.  

Courtney came out yesterday to check feet, especially Jenny & Bijou.  She agreed Jenny's foot seems to be a little better, doesn't smell as bad, still draining which I hope is a good thing.  Last night Jenny absolutely refused to eat or drink.  That antibiotic is really a rough one I guess.  I called Dr. Shamis this morning & he said to discontinue it that it's probably killed all the good bugs in her system.  He thought cultured yogurt would be good to try........SIGH!  So I hopped in the van & headed for Sierra Vista.  Checked at the one health food store, nope...........but..........  they have a Farmer's Market on Thur.  Found it, saw an old friend I hadn't seen in years, & found some yogurt........!!!  Cool.....!!

On the way home I stopped at the feed store & got some pro-biotics, just in case.  Good thing because I think she hates the yogurt as much as she does the antibiotics.  John looked like he had been in a yogurt storm by the time she got thru shaking her head with her mouth open.  And I put applesauce in it to try to make it tasty.  Frankly my opinion of yogurt is about the same as hers..............not real food.  So I used the back up from the feed store.  Tonight she was picking at her hay, so hopefully we're on the right track.  

Courtney agreed that Bijou needs to be on soft ground, which we don't have.  Wish I could find someone with soft ground, that would like to have a cute little guy with bad feet & a sweet disposition.  He has to stay in boots here.  

When I was getting ready to go to Sierra Vista, Justin & Tucker were sparing out by the driveway.  I came in the house to get the camera, went out & of course they quit.  They are about the same size, although Justin weighs more.  I'm glad Tucker has someone to play with & learn donkey manners.  Justin loves to do guy wrestling with just about anybody that will play with him.   

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