Thursday, March 29, 2012

The vet clinic called this afternoon.  They moved Jenny out to the grassy area yesterday afternoon on a canvas.  He said they had about 10 people, pulling on it to drag her.  He said she just rode along like that was what she was suppose to do.  He said she is much happier being outside, which I'm sure she is. 

He said he thinks she is stronger today, but hasn't gotten up.  She's eating all the green grass & clover she can reach, & they put up a sun shade for her.  They also changed the bandage on her foot & he said it looks real good.  Sigh! 

He said everyone has fallen in love with her, because she is so sweet, although we both agreed that she is rather opinionated.  

Tomorrow morning right after chores we'll load up Mocha & Tucker to take him for his gelding.  To say I am reluctant is an understatement.  I hate gelding it's such a barbaric way of doing surgery.  He's such a spoiled little baby, I told John I don't think I can watch this time.  The young ones get along so much better than the older ones, so once it's over I'll be OK.  But in the meantime...........!!!!  


DesertHoofprints said...

Sounds like you've had an exciting and busy week - business as usual, right?
Give Mom a hug and tell her to keep away from those doctors!

Tish said...

She's pretty much back to normal thank goodness. As you said business as usual.......!!! LOL