Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'm waiting for a couple of tours to come out this morning, so thought I'd update the blog.  

Not much going on right now, still doctoring Jenny's foot.  She's really limping this morning.  Trying to shoot antibiotics into the cracks in the hoof, might not be reaching the source of the drainage.  So although I'm doctoring her twice a day, it might not be getting in far enough.  If she is still limping badly tomorrow I'll call the vet & see what the next plan of attack is.  

Boaz is out of diapers now.....!!! LOL  I'm not having to "bandage" his knee.  He's graduated to having zinc oxide put on it.  Then I am covering the knee with one of Pepper's old knee pads, to keep Boaz from banging it up when he lays down.  It is probably always going to be a problem for him.  But once it's completely healed I'll try leaving the pad off & see what happens.  I hope I don't have to make anymore pads..........I am NOT a seamstress & it takes me forever to do even the most simple sewing. And this is pretty simple......!!!! 

Everyone else seems to be doing good.  We're all ready for Quilla & Gus to come back Friday.  We had planned on putting Gus back in his old pen & moving Cisco to the pen next to Mocha & Tucker.  But since we soak Gus' hay his bucket goes into the "line" logically under their hay, or we forget it & have to backtrack.  So Cisco will stay where he is & Gus will move into Bijou's old pen.  It isn't very big, but maybe it will give him incentive to go out & move around. 

Quilla is going to end up next door to his old nemesis Daisy.  When Quilla first came here we put him in with her & she hated him.  As far as I know he never even paid any attention to her, but she squealed & kicked at him & really threw a hissy fit if he even looked at her.  There will be a fence between them, so hopefully she'll not act so silly. 

We're  going to a meeting at the track tonight about the new racing season.  You can't get 2 racers in a room without a fight & a room full can erupt into chaos in no time.   Should be a fun night, hopefully no one will get ejected from the track, before the season even starts.....!!! LOL


house painter phoenix said...

Let's just hope for the betterment of the situation.

Tish said...

I do every day, me & the Lord start every day out with a little chat.