Saturday, March 24, 2012

The vet clinic called yesterday a couple of times to let us know Jenny is doing great.  We are shooting for going to get her next Thursday.  That should give the resection area time to dry up & start scabbing over.  Also if there was any infection left it should show up by then.  They will change the bandage again tomorrow.  

We are thinking about taking Boaz up when we go Thursday, to let them evaluate the proud flesh on his knee.  Yesterday he came in with it a bloody mess.  Unfortunately there is no good granulated tissue within the circle, only proud flesh.  Nancy the local vet has scrapped it twice & it looks much better, but it's what it is, proud flesh that will have to have daily care & probably will need to be kept covered or it will become a bloody mess.  Proud flesh has no feeling which is a good thing..........BUT........... it has zillions of blood vessels, consequently it bleeds like crazy if the surface is scratched or heaven forbid punctured.  He's only 8 years old, & that will be his life, unless we can find a way to get rid of it once & for all.  

We were suppose to take the race car to the track today for practice.  But when John tried to start it yesterday........NOPE......!!  It has a problem with some kind of goop caught in the fuel pump, & coating the inside of the gas tank.  When he bought it the owner couldn't get it started because the fuel pump wouldn't work.........Hmmmmmmmmm....!!  John had replaced the fuel pump.   We are thinking that they might have put some kind of fuel booster in the gas & for some reason it wasn't a good idea.  The stuff caked on the fuel pump intake, but as soon as you take it out of the gas, it dries & acts like flour.  I've already ordered another pump, & we're going to take the gas tank into Tucson Monday to have it powered washed inside.  Hopefully it will be all ready to go for the 1st race of the season next Saturday, the 31st. 

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