Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Jenny is loaded up & we're about ready to head for Gilbert.  She actually loaded pretty good, she got tired of Tucker's nose up her butt & at one time he was trying to mount her.  Maybe she saw the trailer as a place to get away from him.  Poor little Tucker trying to figure out life's mysteries & after next Friday there won't be anything to figure out for him in the future.  He'll be a happier little guy for the experience, although he did look pretty happy this morning.......!!! (G)

This is NOT the best way to load, I think when I took this Ruthie & Ruger were already in the trailer.  Finally got it organized & Jenny went in.  She has been to put it politely, "pissed" ever since.  John put hay in for her, & she slung the bucket up against the wall, needless to say there is hay all over the place.  I tried to move her little pan with the beet pulp & pellets over to the side & she flung it to the other side.  Hmmmmm........!!! hope her disposition improves before we get up there. 

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Witcheylady said...

Waiting anxiously to hear about Jenny.....