Sunday, March 18, 2012

Well forget about Cisco going along with anything.  When John went out this morning Gus was in his pen, so John went ahead & shut him in.  Rounded up everyone, looked around & Cisco was standing outside "his" pen.  Wouldn't move not even for a treat.  I finally had to halter & lead him to that "other" pen.  Then he wouldn't eat.  Of course all the time Gus was enjoying his breakfast.  SIGH!  They don't make it easy do they?  It will take a few days I guess for Cisco to give up.  

Our weather went to hell just as we started feeding, 30mph winds & rain.  Makes for a fun time for all, especially the ones that don't have a shelter.  As soon as they got thru eating, we let the ones without shelters out, so they can find a place to wait out the weather.  It's suppose to drag into Monday & in fact they are forecasting snow down to 3000 feet.  We are at 3300......!!!  

Just got a call from Buddy Brat & Honcho's mom.  She said someone in the neighborhood has been opening gates & letting animals out lately.  Said their dogs had a fit about 3am, they didn't see anything, but when they got up this morning, gate wide open, horses & donkeys gone.  They found the horses visiting with the neighbor's horses, but no donkeys.  Because of the nasty weather I would imagine they are hunkered down somewhere waiting for the weather to clear.  Her husband had been out driving around & she had been on the phone, but no one has seen them.  One thing about it, if someone wanted to steal animals they'd have taken the horses, not the donkeys. 


Witcheylady said...

Oh! Poor Cisco! You think he's more upset about being away from Tula than the actual pen?
Donkeys! What funny little creatures they are.

Tish said...

I don't know, getting ready to go out, we'll see how it goes.