Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not a very good picture but I was in a hurry this morning.  Maybe I'll get a better one next time.  

So this is what we are dealing with.  I thought it didn't go so far up, but it looks like they opened the hoof right below the coronet, which means it will take probably about a year to grow out.  I'm feeding her Biotin to help with hoof growth, but don't think it makes it grow much faster.  The hole in the bottom of her sole is about the size of my thumb & goes all the way thru to this hole.  YUCK! 

It only took us about an hour today, so we're getting a little better.  Jenny wasn't very cooperative as usual, so I gave her a bare minimum dose of ACE. I think next time I'll use a little more........LOL

The good news is, when we took the wrappings off, the foot was drier than it was Monday.  And the bulbs of her heel weren't any worse & were fairly dry, so hopefully the worse is over.  I hope she doesn't get any proud flesh, I'm packing the holes with gauze to try to prevent that happening.

Today was the first day for everyone getting a fly mask, well everyone except Chantilly.  Chantilly hasn't decided to let us do whatever we want with her.  She enjoys head rubs & wither scratches & listens attentively when you talk to her.  She also has learned that people on tours have treats, & she willingly participates.  But we haven't moved on to things like halter, leads & fly masks just yet.  Don't think she's quite ready for that.

John is going to build one of our little squeezes, using a corral panel in a corner to put her in & put the mask on her.  I'm sure once she finds out the flies can't get in her eyes she probably will decide that it isn't so bad after all.  She's very gentle so our main concern is not to scare her, we aren't worried that she will kick or run over us or anything like that. 

John goes into Tucson tomorrow for an angiogram.  I have to have him to the hospital at 6am......!!!  I'll take him in, come back & feed & then go back & wait for them to get done with him.  This is a new experience so we're not really sure of what's going to be happening. Vic is going to feed in the evening, which will really help since we aren't really sure how long it will take.  I guess afterwards he has to lay perfectly still for awhile to give a clot time to harden where they run the "roto rooter" into the artery. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope that looks worse than it feels. Poor baby! Hope all goes well with John, will say a prayer.

Tish said...

I asked the vet if it was like having a finger or toe nail removed as far as how painful it would be. She said probably, I've had a toenail removed & don't remember it as a pleasant experience. She doesn't put a lot of weight on it, but doesn't act like it really bothers her.

qifei2012 said...
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