Thursday, April 26, 2012

Probably doesn't look like it, but this is actually a bandage changing room.  See the supplies sitting on the hood of last year's race car?  Jenny is tied to the roll cage of the car, to make sure she doesn't try to wander off.  

She was a very good girl today, when Courtney trimmed her foot & we rebandaged the foot.  Of course she was getting a treat about every 15 seconds which probably helped.   Everything looks as good as can be expected, except for the heel bulbs.  They were bloody when we brought her home from the clinic.  They aren't bloody now but they are raw & probably bother her more than the re-section areas. 

She has to be bandaged so no dirt gets into the open areas, but we decided to try using less bandages, & hopefully the heel bulbs might get a chance to dry out.  Won't know until we change the bandage Monday.  She hasn't worn thru the bandages at all, so we'll see how it goes.  She's on soft dirt & straw, & we'll watch to make sure the bandages don't come loose. 

Courtney said the front of her foot is probably going to fall off.  The side groove in the picture moves if she puts pressure on the front of the foot.  Just another "opportunity to excel", I guess.  Courtney seems to think the open area will probably never cover with hoof material, the tissue will eventually become hardened somewhat like a callus.  If that happens I would imagine she will always have to wear a boot of some kind to protect it.  

She also trimmed Gus, she said his frogs had grown like crazy, hopefully that's why he's been a little ouchy the last couple of days.  

Rusty the white mule has been off his feed since yesterday morning.  If he doesn't perk up by morning, I'll call & see if Nancy can see him tomorrow.  The last time he did this, she said she felt something when she did a rectal that didn't feel right.  I hope he doesn't have a tumor or something like that.  

Everyone else seems to be doing good.  It's finally fly mask season for everyone, so every morning fly masks on, just before dark, take them off.  Chantilly will now let us take the mask off without going into the little squeeze.  She's not thrilled about it, but does stand "almost" still. 

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