Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This morning while everyone was waiting for us to come out & serve breakfast, Tucker & Justin started playing.  Mocha decided Tucker didn't need to play, & she broke it up.  Doesn't matter than Tucker is already taller than Justin & probably is getting close to weighing as much guess momma didn't want her little boy getting hurt.  Later on the boys sneaked off away from her, & started playing again.  I didn't have my camera, I'll take it out tomorrow morning.  Of course if I have the camera, they won't probably play. 

The well guy is suppose to come out tomorrow to probably tell us we need to drill a new well............UGH!  Right now the holding tank is pretty full because of the water delivered yesterday.  John is checking it often, climbing a ladder & sticking a flashlight inside.  He says it's a little higher than it was yesterday, so I assume the well is still operating.  We're being careful with our water useage, just in case we need to get into the habit..................!!!

Jenny is eating this morning although not with great vigor.  I broke down & gave her a little of the chicken's alfalfa hay  & she had no problem eating that.  So I don't know what is going on. 

Courtney is coming out tomorrow to trim Jenny's re-sectioned foot, that didn't get trimmed up at the vet clinic.  We have a plan, hopefully we can get it trimmed without getting dirt in the open areas.  We also don't know how much feeling she has in the open areas.  She doesn't react when I stuff gauze into either opening, so maybe they aren't real sensitive. 

We noticed this morning that Daisy is cycling...........!!! YOU GO GIRL...........she's about 27-28 years old.  She had her eye on Boaz & was ready to "party".  Of course Boaz is ready & willing, not sure that December gelding changed his mind on what his job is, in the world. 

The problem is, he is very rough with the girls, he chased Frijolita around the other day & she wasn't even interested in what he was selling.....!!!  I had to break it up & put him in a pen, so she could rest. 

Daisy is too old for this nonsense, even if she doesn't know it.  So we left her in the pens today.  John just went out & said she is digging holes all over the pens, showing her displeasure I guess.  She's a funny old girl.  John's going to be outside this afternoon, so I told him to let her out & if he hears thundering hooves, we'll have to corral Boaz. 

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