Friday, April 27, 2012

I took this picture of Rusty the mule when we brought him home from the vet this afternoon. 

Like I said yesterday, if he didn't perk up I was calling the vet this morning.  They said bring him in, so off we went.  Boy they were busy, had 2 or 3 horses getting shod, one getting acupuncture, a couple of alpacas, have no idea what they were getting done.  Weird little animals...........!!!  In amongst all that Nancy was spaying & neutering in the clinic too.  But she managed to keep everything moving along, by running back & forth.

She did another rectal on Rusty & said it still didn't feel right.  So we decided to do an ultrasound/sonogram.  Rusty got a shave on both sides, although she actually spent most of the exam with the probe inside him.  They shaved him on both sides, down to the skin.  He is pink skinned, so to keep him from getting sunburned, he will have to be protected by Thuja Zinc Oxide, until the hair grows out.  Hence, his little pink patch, there's one on the other side too. 

She said his kidneys are larger than she would think they should be, but she didn't find anything else that look suspicious.  So he got the usual, Dex, Banamine & Vit B-12.  Also got some acupuncture, she was doing a horse, & popped Rusty with 5 needles, one in the end of his muzzle.  As soon as she did that, he started eating grass hay like it was good...........!!!!  She said that is a spot to enduce eating.  WOW! 

I'll give him B-12 & Banamine for a couple of days, & hopefully he be OK.  When we got home & put him in his pen, he started eating leftover hay immediately.

Gus was walking good this morning much better than the last few days, so I guess Courtney's trim did some good. 

FINALLY, got the Silver Nitrite I ordered ages ago.  I ordered it off the internet & when it didn't show up I got in touch with the company.  They said they sent it by mail, of the 12th of April, had the mailing number & everything.  I checked on the internet using the number, & sure enough it was given to the post office on the 12 of April, & the next information said it continued on it's journey the 23 of April..........HUH.........????  When was it doing sitting for 11 days.  The shipper asked them, & was told they had no more information than was available on the web.  I'll try to get it mixed up tomorrow & spray it on Boaz's proud flesh.  I'm anxious to see how it works. 



Witcheylady said...

Boy! Never a dull moment!
Glad things are going okay with Rusty & of course super glad about Gus. He's a tricky one to get comfortable for sure. They're all different. Doc can be tricky too because of his joint issues. Have to really stay on top of his overall length & toes. Be interesting to see how the silver nitrate works for Boaz.

Tish said...

Gus seems to still being doing good, got my fingers crossed.

qifei2012 said...
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