Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Jenny is "out & about" this morning.  My biggest worry is the duct tape boot might wear thru & let dirt get into her foot.  The layers are, gauze in holes, gauze over holes, brown gauze, diaper, duct tape boot, elasticon, duct tape boot, more elasticon.  So it's pretty well covered, but I know from past experience with duct tape boots, they do wear thru after a day or so of walking out here.  I've never had 2 duct tape boots on at once before, so we'll see how it goes.  I'll be able to see wear on the outside boot, so will check it often.  We'll start her out with a couple of hours a day & see how it goes.  She didn't want to come out this morning, guess she thought we were going in the garage for a bandage change...........!!!

John just informed me this morning we have about 35 days of hay left.  That means Jenny's side of the hay barn will be needed for hay pretty soon........!!!!  Been feeding cheap hay, relatively speaking for the last 18 months...........guess the party is over.......!!!!!  

We've about decided to maybe put Jenny in Boaz's pen.  It is the largest pen, largest shelter, & if we put down a lot of straw or shavings it should be pretty soft.  All of her bed sores are gone, she came home with 5 or 6.  I guess Boaz will go in her old pen.  Next month Eeyore the tri-colored mule will probably be coming to stay.  Our neighbor's gave him a home last year, but they are probably moving to Colorado.  Since I was instrumental in them giving him a home, it's the least we can do.  He's in his 30's blind in one eye, not much vision in the other, but still likes to go out & roam.  Maybe he will buddy up with Jack & Rusty.

Sunday we had a couple of tours stop by for a visit.  For the first time Tula actually took a carrot from a man.  I didn't see it, but John said the man was holding the carrot thru the corral panel, & she just walked over & took it., like no big deal  Amazing.......!!!  Over the years usually during an Open House she has taken treats from 3 different women at different times, but never a man.  It will be interesting to see what she does next time. 

I need to try to body clip Daisy.  Because she has Cushings, even though she's on Pergolide she doesn't shed very well, & I've been clipping her the last few years.  Unfortunately right now, I have a splint on one hand & a cast on the other.  Needless to say my dexterity is lacking.  John said he'd try, but I can imagine how that would go, she'd look like a tractor went thru a field without a driver........!!! LOL  It's still not real  hot, so I'll "think" about it for a little while.  Janet you need to come visit......!!!! LOL


Witcheylady said...

So good to see Jenny out & about. She looks good Tish! You guys do such a good job of caring for these sweeties.
Have you ever tried giving Daisy some chastetree berry, in addition to the pergolide? In some cases CTB will help with shedding. No guarantees, as you know they're all different, but might worth a try.

Tish said...

Didn't know I could use both at the same time. She's on 3mg Pergolide, how much Chasteberry could I give her?

Witcheylady said...

Yep, can use both at the same time. Of the CTB powder, 2 ounces a day for a 1000 pound horse is the usual dosage. How much do you think Daisy weighs?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could... fortunately I'm keeping busy here with more grooming dogs.... I have not crossed the border in just over a YEAR! Things good here... the pool is warming up, the dogs and cats are well. Guess that's all I need!

Tish said...

No need to leave paradise, have fun...!!!

qifei2012 said...
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