Tuesday, May 08, 2012

This is how Boaz's knee looked this morning.  It's really looking much better, thanks to Kris' idea of using Silver Nitrate I think.  I have found out she was right about making sure you don't get it on anything you don't want stained.  The first couple of days I was SOoooo careful with the syringe, making sure it didn't drip.  

You should see the counter in the feed room now, not to mention my hands.  Between the cast that is getting rather grubby looking, & all the staining from the Silver Nitrate, I'm afraid to touch anything edible. 

The tissue on his knee is much thinner.  It still thicker than a "normal" knee, but it really is looking good.  

I also have been trying another remedy for a yearly problem we have with stable flies making bloody sores on Quilla & Gus' lower legs.  Quilla has no hair on his legs below the knee on one side where the flies have eaten all the hair & destroyed the hair follicles, so the hair doesn't grow back.  The flies love it, & of course it sunburns.  

I've tried sun screen, thuja zinc oxide, putting on different types of coverings that keep the sun off & in general anything that sounded like it might work. Most of them do the job, but are messy, or in the case of coverings end up missing & I've already discussed my lack of sewing abilities.  

Somewhere I heard about using WD-40 to cover areas like they have.  Figured it wouldn't hurt to try, so every morning for the last couple of weeks, I hit them with a "spritz" of WD-40 & rub it around with a gauze pad to cover all the bare area.  So far..................no flies or sun damage.....!!! Whoo, whoo......!!!  The flies are out in force, I just took down 5 full fly traps last night, & replaced them with new ones.  So the flies are out there, John says we'll see how it goes, when the monsoon season & humidity gets here.  So far though, it's the quickest & easiest fix............!!!  Quick & easy is my middle name.........!!!! LOL


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Witcheylady said...

Hi Tish
I used either Flicks Fly Spray or Espree Aloe Herbal fly spray while the boys were here
The Espree one has sunscreen in it too. I sprayed their legs in the morning & it seemed to keep the flies off all day. I'm sure glad the silver nitrate is working on Boaz.