Sunday, May 20, 2012


Got a call this afternoon that isn't all that unusual for a rescue unfortunately.  When we adopt out donkeys there is a contract that says if for any reason the family can no longer keep them, the donkeys will be returned to us.  

Honcho & Buddy Brat have been in their home for about 1 1/2 years.  This morning Honcho killed a 9 month old goat & tore another up pretty bad.  The people wanted the donkeys gone as soon as possible, so we went & got them as soon as we could get the trailer hooked to the truck.  


This happens occasionally, although usually it's with newborns.  They weren't there before, so they must be an enemy, & the donkeys will stomp them, like they would an intruding dog.  Not sure why he went after a goat he had been with in a 4 acre area for months, the survivor is a buck.  Maybe he was starting to feel like a "man" & challenged Honcho, who knows.  The other one was a young doe.

Poor Honcho, this is the 4th time he's been here, & even this time isn't really his fault, he was acting like a donkey.  But people don't want to hear that when something like this happens.  I'm glad they bothered to call rather than just shoot him which is what happens often, depending on how mad the people are.  

They are both way too heavy, & Buddy's crest is very large & hard, so he will be starting on a diet tonight.  Buddy has always had a problem with weight, or maybe height.  If he was taller he wouldn't be so fat..........!!!! 

We had to do a "pen dance", obviously Buddy needs to eat by himself to help control what he eats.  BlackJack is getting thrown out of his pen, & will eat at liberty from a bunk by the feed room.  Honcho went in his pen.  Buddy went in Jenny's pen, & she will go back in the hay barn, which is going to be a battle.  She prefers HER pen & let's you know it.  

So things will be a little confusing for a few days, as everyone shifts their ideas of what is right in their world. 

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