Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I doubt that I'm going to be very "talkative" the next few days.  John left for Indiana yesterday afternoon, so it's just me until Friday afternoon.  Explaining this lack of personnel to the donkeys hasn't gone well so far.  John just lets them wander in at feeding time.  I think they should show up, get in their pens & wait for me to show up with the piece of carrot.  It usually takes me 2 or 3 days to get my point across, since John is coming home Friday, it won't be worth it for me to have a tantrum over going in pens..............SIGH.......!!!!  I started at 4:30 last night got in the house at 8:15............!!  This morning went about the same but Lysa was here to help & pick up poo, so it only took about 3 hours........!!! LOL  Usually tomorrow wouldn't be a regular day for Lysa, but she's going to come in the morning anyway, bless her heart.  

What really gets me going, for instance, this morning when I got up there were donkeys & mules everywhere around the house.  I went out to feed the birds & got brayed at, & once they saw movement at the house, they started moving closer.  LIFE IS GOOD.....!!!  Went out to the feed room, had to work my way thru the gaggle of equine, went in to cut up carrots, came out & there wasn't a donkey or mule in sight.  WHERE DID THEY GO..........????  I didn't really have time to go looking for them, so I fed the chickens & mixed up the feed.  They finally started wandering in, well except for Ruger, Ruthie & Boaz, they come in like they are escaping from a fire & get right in your face, they haven't trampled me yet, but the thought has crossed my mind........!!!  Actually they are very good, about slamming on the brakes before they bowl you over..........!!! LOL

We have a new visitor, Eeyore came in Sunday.  He was a rescue last year up in Phoenix & our neighbor's offered to take him.  But they are moving to Colorado, this summer & right now are visiting family in Ohio.  It's easier to take care of him here than have to go to their place, so he "visiting".  We haven't talked about if he is going to go back home until they move or not, we'll just have to see how it goes.  

He's blind in one eye & about 32 years old.  He's a typical mule I guess.  If they don't know you, you have no right to touch, look or talk to them.  He won't take treats, in fact he hasn't eaten enough to keep a bird alive since he's been here.  Vic said he goes thru spells of not eating.  Usually I'd let him out on the property & he could eat wild food if he wanted to.  But until John gets back he'll stay in a pen.  Vic said the only way he can catch him if he's out is to rope him..........!!!  I'm not a roper, so for now he'll stay in a pen.  I even bought a bale of alfalfa yesterday to entice him.  He just looked at me like he knew what bribery is, & isn't going to play the game.........!!!! 

Unfortunately, the race track has more problems than just the ones we saw last Saturday I guess.  As of now, they have closed down the track for the rest of the year.  They are blaming the racers for not appreciating having a local track to race at.  I would imagine once the manager left last week, they didn't have the people to keep it operating.  We heard that a lot of the workers left when he left.  Dang......... I was in 5th place for end of the year points in the Hornet division.  My goal this year was to finish better than last year's 6th place finish.  Guess I did that, but I really expected a little longer season........!!!

Talked to our son last night & we'll be going up to ET Raceway the 26th of May, with his Super Stock.  A couple of the other local racers are going too, so it should be fun.  Just wish it was closer, it's 200 miles up there, which makes for a long night.  Rod said he could build me a Bomber if I wanted to race up there.  I told him by the time we rushed around & fed the donkeys, drove 200 miles, raced, drove 200 miles home & fed donkeys after a couple of hours sleep, I probably wouldn't be having much fun.........!!!  They don't race the Hornets, so it would either be Bombers, which basically is knock out the glass & put in a couple of pipe bars in the driver's door.  Or Dirt Dolls, which is like Powder Puff, in Bombers.  I think I'll pass, if we can keep Rod's car competitive for the season up there, that will be good. 

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Witcheylady said...

Poor Eeyore! But he looks so sweet.
So sorry about the racing thing I know how much you enjoy it.
YOU must be exhausted by the time you read this...hope John made it home safely & all is well otherwise.