Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's down a couple of posts, still don't know what happened.  The last couple of days it wouldn't download, but this morning it worked.........!!!

As soon as chores are done in the morning, we'll head for Las Cruces, NM to do a home study for Tucker & Mocha's new home.  It's about 230 miles over there, so we'll be gone all day, hopefully we'll get home in time to do chores........!!!! LOL

Tonight John's taking me to practice at the race track.

This was last week-end & not real exciting, but at least I stayed on the track for the most part.  I'm the orange slash/white one running around in about 10th place.

Tonight at practice I want to work on going into the turns, that's where I'm losing about a second on the lap.  John thinks I need to barrel into the turn & not tap the brakes.  Hmmmmmmm  sounds like a good opportunity for some "agricultural racing".  At least there isn't anything close to our track, so if you go off it's just a matter of making sure you keep the wheels on the ground rather than in the air, crank the wheel & head back for the track.  Hopefully there isn't someone already on the track where you come back on........!!!  LOL

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