Friday, May 11, 2012

Changed Jenny's foot bandage this morning.  She was having an absolute fit in her hay barn pen.  Didn't want her breakfast, shoving the corral panels around trying to get out.  We thought changing the bandage was going to really be fun.  Haltered her & when she got out of the hay barn, she headed west............the garage is east............. ooops.......!!! We had to get her turned around & then get her to move, not an easy task.  Once we got her in the garage she was Miss Sweetheart & cooperative.  Raise her foot without us getting a hernia & actually holding it up in the air, while I wrapped.  Amazing.  

Got all the layers on except for the last elasticon.  All of a sudden Boaz brayed out on the property, & she immediately peed & clacked her jaw.  John had said something about PMS & we laughed.  Guess he knew what he was talking about.....!!! 

Needless to say she was ready to go, as soon as the garage door went up.  Don't know if she ever found him or not, but she left in a hurry.  

This morning Gus got his usual Jiaogulan cookie to help with circulation to his compromised feet.  He was standing by the feed room & I stuck it in his mouth.  Later on John put him in his pen, & I went in the house for something.  When I came out he started yelling for his cookie as usual.  Hmmmm..........   Nice try....!!!

They are filming a western over at the movie site tomorrow.  Two of the cowboys were practicing in the wash & when John talked to them he discovered that they were expecting donkeys tomorrow.  First we had heard of it.  Guess Jay forgot to tell us.  Tomorrow is racing, so John went over & told the director we couldn't be there.  He said they will be back later, so maybe then.

Ruthie & Ruger were absolutely fascinated with the horses.  Well, Ruthie was, Ruger went along because momma was there.  She was sticking her head thru the fence trying to get closer to them & everything.  She hasn't been around horses the last couple of years, but it looks like she's been around them before & enjoyed the experience. 

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