Friday, May 25, 2012

This picture of BlackJack was taken just before I put the crupper under his tail.............!!!!  He let me know that wasn't acceptable in our relationship.  Perhaps in his earlier life he had to put up with such an indignity, BUT, no more......!!! 

The last couple of days have really been hectic, seems like there's been a lot going on.  John has been trying to change the motor mounts on my little race car.  The old ones had no rubber left in them, which meant the motor & the transmission were pretty loose.  Last race day I was trying to keep up with the gear shift & it was flopping all over the place.  When John checked it he said he could see why.  Like most of these projects it didn't go smooth, he spent one whole afternoon trying to get a bolt thru one of the mounts & it just wouldn't go.  We jacked & pushed & shoved & pried all one afternoon.  It was soooooooo close, but he said he needed a tapered bolt.  Went to town, got one, & what a difference that made........!!!! So I'm good to go racing tomorrow night, John says he expects a good finish, with new tires, new motor mounts & a stearing wheel I can't stick my hand thru.......!!! 

Because we are so overcrowded donkeys have been getting moved around. Jenny finally got HER pen back, & we tried leaving BlackJack out to eat by the feed room, rather than in a pen.  Doesn't work, because as soon as he gets done eating, he starts checking out all the pens to see if someone has moved their bunk too close to the edge.......!!!  He also insists on helping us parcel out the hay from the golf cart & wagon.   So he got stuffed in the hay barn.  Didn't bother him in the least, do you know how much hay is laying around on the floor of a hay barn?  Enough to keep him happy for hours............!!!  We're going to have to have hay delivered in the next couple of weeks, so he'll lose his "stall".  

We were in Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon & someone said, "Hi".  I am horrible with putting names & faces together.  I recognize a face, but don't always know why.  He said something about Zorro & "bingo" it was Bill from down south of Tombstone.  I had been thinking about calling to see how Zorro & Maddie were getting along, so it was great to get to talk to him.  He said they are doing just fine, he & Kelly are really enjoying them.  He said Maddie has not gone lame since she's been there, so exercise seems to be the answer to her lameness.  He also said Zorro has learned to chase their car.  He will stand in front of the car & lick the windshield, until they give him a treat................hmmmm.  Then when they drive off, he chases them like a dog would.  Bill said he's been up to 20mph......!!!  Sounds like something good to put on Funniest Home Videos.  


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