Sunday, May 13, 2012

Went racing last night.  The guy that has been doing track preparation, quit & the new guy..........well to put it politely, has a lot to learn about track prep.  We went out to wheel pack, which means, they dump a lot of water on the track, & we drive around slowly to work the water into the clay.  We were kicking up dust........sooooo you can imagine how dry the track was for the races.  

I finished 4th in the heat race.  In the main event on a dry slick track things got really interesting, the words "crash fest" come to mind.  I was doing pretty good, think I was running 7th & someone, don't know who because John couldn't hardly see my white car, let alone a black car, slammed into the back of me, shoved me thru turn #2 & spun me into the infield.  Then the car wouldn't start for a little while............Grrrr......!!!!  Finally got it started & back up on the track I go, starting in the back of course because they threw the yellow flag for going off the track.  OK, started working my way thru the cars, saw cars flying off the track, bunches of cars having some kind of party in the middle of the track.  And one standing on it's nose with another car crammed under it's rear bumper.  I was having all sorts of fun & managed to work up to 4th.  Going into turn 3 a car in front of me slid sideways, so the driver's door was lined up with my front bumper.  So I spun to the infield.  I know the drill, so I lined back up in the rear, & the flagman "BLACK FLAGGED" me......!!!!  That means get off the track, NOW......!!!  To say the least I was not very happy......!!!  Actually that was an understatement.......!!! LOL 

After the races I ferreted out the flagman, to find out what he had to say.  I know the rules, if you cause 2 yellow flags in a race they black flag you.  I asked about the guy that bump drafted me thru the turn until he spun me, who actually should have been black flagged for rough driving.  He told me the spotters told him I spun by myself.  Well that really made my day & I preceded to make his.....!! LOL  I told him to come to my pits & look at the pristine front of my car & then look at the back & all the way up the side, if he wanted to see what happened. I've got little pieces of bumper & tire material stuck in the cracks & crevices of the side.   For some reason he didn't want to.  But he did say that there are going to be some changes.........sure there will be.  Stay tuned, looks like it's going to be a LONG summer.  This is the same flagman I almost ran over last year when I plowed into a tractor tire he thought he was safe standing behind.  He also told me a few weeks ago, that I had drove brutal that night.................  I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.........!!!  But it's become the catch phrase for the racers we hang around with. 

Boaz, Frijolita & Tula, eating what's left of John's wood pile

This morning when John went out to do morning round-up, Jenny was in her old pen, with Frijolita.  Frijolita has been eating in that pen since Jenny wasn't using it.  I guess Jenny decided she wanted her pen back.  She wouldn't move, John got her halter & she still wouldn't move.  He came to get me to help.  I could tell from the set of her feet, there was no way she was going to move without a fight.  So Frijolita moved back to her little pen that has no shade & Jenny got to keep her pen. 

John's going to be gone most of this week to Indiana.  He leaves Tuesday & will get back Friday, just in time to go racing Saturday.  He usually goes in June to visit, but there isn't going to be a "cousin" reunion this year.  So he'll just be going to see his Uncle Bob for a couple of days.  

I'll be "chief cook & bottle washer" for 3 days.  SIGH.........I'll be lucky if I get thru feeding & doctoring in time to start the next feeding..........LOL  The donkeys are so unappreciative when you are by yourself.  They yell & scream at you to hurry up.  I always tell them there is just one of me & a lot of them, so they need to be patient. That word is not in their vocabulary I'm afraid.    

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