Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well Honcho is getting an education, not sure he's enjoying it.  Boaz is still after him, & Honcho came in tonight with bite marks on his butt.  Of course Boaz came in with marks on his chest, so I assume Boaz was the "hound" & Honcho was the "fox".  Honcho seems to make all the right moves, when Boaz notices him, he starts mouthing to show he accepts Boaz being higher on the command chain.  I haven't seen what causes it to change into "I'm going to get you" but obviously something does.

Jenny came in tonight with her duct tape boot all "slithered" to the side.  That hasn't happened before.  Gathered up tape, Elasticon, scissors & towel for her to stand on.  I hate to try to fix her boot outside in the dirt.  

It looked like I tried to make the sides of the boots too short & it didn't have enough area to stick good, so as she walked it started coming loose.  With the weather as hot as it is now & getting hotter, I don't want her foot to sweat anymore than it has been.  But I guess a shorter duct tape boot isn't the answer.  

Heard from Stacy about Bijou.  She said he's a little ouchy today & I can understand why.  She trimmed his feet yesterday & had to take off quite a bit.  But he was walking really good right afterwards.  She's trying to get him weaned out of the boots.  He's on real soft ground, so hopefully he will be able to transition to barefoot without boots. 

I'm going to try to go out & see him Saturday (No racing this week).  Her equine dentist is coming out to do some of Stacy's horses.  She said she found a couple of hooks on him, so we'll get those taken care of while the dentist is there.  

We're also probably going to have his nasolacrimal ducts flushed.  He's got goopy eyes, & we've thought it was allergies, but Stacy seems to think he might need to be flushed. 


Witcheylady said...

Is Bijou IR?
IR horses are notorious for having runny eyes. Years ago, I had Thunder's lacrimal ducts flushed twice with no improvement. Balanced diet helped quite a bit but adding eyebright & beet root powder finished fixing it or maybe it's the spirulina...he gets them all. But no runny, gooey eyes anymore. Just a thought...

Tish said...

He hasn't been tested but if I was a betting person I'd say he's IR. Hopefully the flushing will help. If not on to plan B.....!!!