Friday, May 04, 2012

Jenny seems to be doing real good.  The maybe letting her out a couple of hours a day went out the window the first day.  She's out all day, & we're keeping her in at night.  The only reason is, to keep the duct tape boot from wearing out  too quickly.  They seem to last about 36 hours, before I  have to add a new boot over the old one.  

The 1st day she went over by her old pen before the afternoon feeding, I closed the gate so she couldn't go in, we got the halter & lead, put it on her & she became an immovable object, not going anywhere, no way, no how............!!!!  I finally had to get the quirt aka bat & started popping her on her hip.  It started out with maybe 20 pops to get one step.....SIGH.......!!!!   Took awhile to get her to the hay barn.  

The next day she was down between the 2 rows of pens, not interested in moving.  Get the halter, & lead & of course the quirt aka bat.  This time once we got her moving she walked all the way to the hay barn without stopping.  Of course John was following along with quirt aka bat in hand.

Today when John went out to do round up, Tula did one of her "I'm in charge & you're not", group kidnapping of about 6 donkeys.......!!!  John thought they went over on Burroland, because when he tried to get Jenny to follow him, she took off in that direction.  He ran ahead of her & shut the gate, which didn't improve her disposition.  I got the tools of the trade, ie, halter, lead & the quirt aka bat.  She saw me coming & tried to escape, but we finally cornered her at the chicken pen.  Surprise, surprise............didn't have to use the quirt aka bat, so I just followed along as John led her towards the hay barn.  I told him I'd catch up & went back to open the gate to Burroland.  Went to catch up, & they had halted about halfway.  Without me following with the "enforcer" she decided to stop.  When I came up behind her I didn't even have to show her the quirt aka bat, she started right off like it was her idea all the way to the hay barn.  

At this rate I don't know if we'll ever get her to go without someone behind to encourage her.  I hope so, this way isn't very efficient.  

We now have 3 fly masks out there somewhere.  John went out this morning determined to find at least one of the two missing.  So when we got home from town, Justin's was missing.  John says Tucker probably took it off when they were playing.  

Going to try to race tomorrow night, we'll see how it goes.  I told John to take his helmet & jacket.  I'll see how I do in the 6 lap heat race.  If I'm not competitive he can run the 15 lap main event. 


Witcheylady said...

Thinking about If anything they teach us patience, don't they?
Hope the racing went well....

Tish said...

I can be patient without having to be "taught" on a daily basis. LOL