Saturday, May 26, 2012

As of this morning there are 5 fly masks missing, 2 of Boaz's, 1 for Ruger, Ruthie & Tucker came in this morning missing their's...........!!!! SIGH  It's too hot to go looking for them, although John says he's going to, after he gets the hay weighed.  

Speaking of hay I called the broker yesterday.................OMG....!!!!  He said it might come down in price with the next cutting, but he has no idea how much or if it will actually come down.  Soooooo he'll let me know when the big day is & I can prepare my checkbook for sticker shock........!!!! LOL  Sure glad our last load got here before everything went crazy.  I doubt that hay prices will ever go down very much, for a lot of reasons, but the most important one is.........people will pay the price & have been "trained" to pay it.  Hay right now in this area is still selling for $18 & up a bale.  I'm sure everyone would be thrilled if it went down to $15 a bale, which is about twice what we were paying just a few years ago.  I just wonder if it will even go down that far.........!!!

Honcho has been staying in pens since his last outing a couple of days ago.  John let him out this morning, & the next thing we know, dust is flying.........!!!  He's like the new kid on the block, wanting everyone to pay attention to him.  The dust flying was Boaz "protecting" his "herd".  Boaz actually wasn't being real nasty & Honcho wasn't being pushy, so it didn't take long for things to settle down.  When it came time to go in pens for breakfast, Honcho followed John in like a good boy.  So maybe he's settling down & we'll be able to let him out without him acting silly.  

Tomorrow we'll be moving little Bijou the mini horse to his new foster home.  

The home he is in now, was getting a little too busy, & they need to simplify theirs lives.  

This is not a good place for him, the ground is too hard for his feet & once everyone else is out running around, there was no one to keep him company.  I put out the word & an almost perfect home popped up.  Experienced with chronic founder, trims feet, lots of animals & he won't be the littlest horse there.  Stacy has a 23 inch dwarf horse, so Bijou will be "big" for a change.  I've never seen a 23 inch horse before, I'll be sure to get a picture...........!!!! 

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