Saturday, May 19, 2012

John's BACK........YIPPEE....!!!

Boy things really go a lot smoother when John is here.  Two sets of hands are much better than one & the donkeys don't get quite so "antsy".  This morning John commented on how nicely they came in & rounded-up.......!!!!  It will only take them a time or two to figure out "easy going" John is back & they can come in when they feel like it........!!!! LOL  

When he gets caught up he'll go look for Boaz's 2 missing fly masks.  Boaz actually was missing 3, but this morning one of them showed up in the wash.  Haven't had time to look for the others yet.  This morning was the 1st time Boaz came in, in the last couple of days with a fly mask on, & he's the one that really needs a mask on 24/7.  He's one of those fly magnets.  So far this year, Cisco who has been my #1 fly magnet for years has been doing good.  I haven't had to do anything special for him, I'm not even giving him benedryl yet. 

Eeyore AKA Chief still isn't eating.  I have been giving him Vitamin B-12 shots which usually gives them a boost, but he still hasn't showed any interest in eating.  Earlier this afternoon John went out & found Rusty the white mule in Chief's pen eating his feed.  Rusty was more interested in the timothy pellets than the beautiful alfalfa hay I got specifically for Chief Tuesday.  Maybe that hay isn't as good as it looks.  Chief has an appointment at the Vet Monday to see if we can find out what's wrong with him.  I hope it isn't anything serious, although at 32, it could be just about anything.  Mules can be funny about changes in their lives, but this seems to be more than that.  

We had a group of kids come out this morning to visit with the donkeys & do some grooming.  I think they were all city kids, although one boy said his family had horses.  The donkeys really appreciated the brushing, some of them really needed it.  They are so funny, if they want to be groomed, they stand absolutely still, don't even move a muscle.  BlackJack even turned around, I guess he was afraid the girl grooming him wasn't going to do both sides. 

Got a call this morning about a very PG jenny that needs a quiet place to have her baby.  She is in a rescue right now that is over crowded.  The only place we could put her would be in Jenny's pen in the hay barn.  Unfortunately we are going to have to get hay in the next couple of weeks or so.  A double semi load fills the barn up, side to side, front to back.  John said something about us getting a car trailer load of 48 bales as a short term answer.  But what if she didn't have her baby by the time we used up the 48 bales?  That is, if John & I survived unloading & stacking 48 bales, I remember those days.........!!!  Or even if she did have the baby, we have no pens we could put her & the baby in.  The woman that called was talking about cleaning out an old goat pen she has.  It's terrible to have to say no, but we have to be realistic on what we can & can't do.  

I do have some good news, I got my wrist cast off yesterday.  The doctor said it was healed & I'm good to go.  On the way home I went ahead & got a splint to use when I'm doing something I shouldn't, like racing............!!!

I know I said the racing was over for the year.  They've changed their minds again, I'm starting to get whip lash.......!!! LOL  They are not racing tonight, but "SAY" they are going to have a "Grand Reopening" next week-end the 26th........!!  I guess there was some negotiations, between the owners & FedEx to buy the property for a distribution center.  Sometime between Tuesday & Thursday the deal fell thru, so the racers win at least for a little while..........!!! 

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