Monday, May 07, 2012

Thanks Terry, made my day....!!

Boy we've had a busy time lately.  Went racing Saturday night.  My wrist & hand managed to hold up pretty good.  Finished 3rd in heat race & 6th in the main.  Car was hot at the end of the main, John hasn't even had a chance to take it off the trailer to see why.   Additional information:  John just informed me when I went thru the infield because another car thought that's where I should be, I cracked the "plastic" part where the radiator hose attaches.  PLASTIC........!!!  whoever heard of plastic in a radiator, I sure haven't.  Now he's trying to figure out how to put a skid plate underneath the radiator, so I'll slide up on the berm rather than plow thru.  That radiator is not useable, so we have to find another one.....!!!! SIGH! 

A couple of years ago some people from Pennsylvania came out to see the donkeys.  Nancy had kept in touch & they want to move out here sometime in the near future. I offered to show them around, so they could get a feel for what's available & what areas they prefer.  We went out yesterday & looked around the Benson area, where is where they think they want to be.  Today we were going to look around some more, but George decided he wanted to go to Tombstone & Bisbee & do some sightseeing.  They spent the night last night & don't know what their plans are.  I told them the bed was there if they want to use it.  They were pretty easy to entertain & were good help with the donkeys.

This morning we had a tour.  They got here just about the time all the hay was parceled out, & I figured it wasn't going to be much of a tour, with everyone's head buried in hay.  But the people brought carrots..........even with their heads buried in the hay, the donkeys all saw the carrots & acted accordingly.  Even Tula took a carrot from Paula.  Tula's really getting brave, for her.  It's still on her terms, but it's really neat to see her take treats from other people. 

Today was bandage changing day for Jenny.  She's actually being fairly cooperative at least for her.  The foot still looks good, hope she continues to improve.  I'm so glad she can go out & roam around the property.  I don't know that she is laying down at all now.  It's been days since I saw her down.  I am hoping that once the hole on the sole of her foot, grows out the front of her foot, & the bottom doesn't have a hole in it, that I won't have to bandage the whole foot top to bottom.  If I can just bandage the square hole in the front of her hoof & keep it covered without dirt getting into it, she will be able to go out overnight.

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