Sunday, June 03, 2012

Friday we went over to Las Cruces, N.M. to do a home study for Mocha & Tucker.  It was an all day trip, I think John said 497 miles, got home late for chores.  When this happens a lot of them wander off to feed themselves.  The ones that insist on being fed on time, are usually standing in close proximity to the driveway with a judgmental attitude.  It usually doesn't take long to get everyone rounded up & where they belong under these circumstances, thank goodness.  

I think Mocha & Tucker will have a wonderful loving home, they'll have a large fenced area that includes the back of the house.  So they will be able to look in the windows & let the people know when it's time to pay attention to them, which I'm sure they will learn real quick.  

This Wednesday they have an appointment to get their Coggins blood test & health certificates to go across the state line.  That usually doesn't take but a few days, so we'll probably be hauling them the next week. I hope it cools off we don't like to haul in hot weather.

Yesterday Bijou got his teeth done.  Stacy had noticed he had some hooks & she was having her dentist come out & do some of her horses.  I got there too late to see how he did, but they said he was a little gentleman.  He sure looks good with his feet trimmed up, & body clipped, as Stacy said he looks like a little show horse.

Thanks for the picture Stacy

He's still not wearing his boots & is doing really well.  Stacy said he is a little "ouchy" out of the soft pen area, but he's been in boots for almost 6 months.  I remember how it use to be when I started going barefooted in the summer, the first few days till my feet toughened up were pretty tough.  

While I was there I took a picture of the little 24 inch mini horse.  She's happy & friendly, but so deformed.


The idea that people would breed these little guys for profit just turns my stomach.  Even if people are willing to pay big bucks to have one they can keep in their apartment or whatever stupid reason they have, how many people would be willing to furnish the care these little creatures will need for their whole lives?  


I don't know what they call the little horses, in donkeys they call them Micros.  There's a place in Texas called Golden's Point that has a little 26 inch jack named Tiny Ticket.  His stud fee is $1000, so there's money in it that's for sure.  

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