Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We've never seen a Gila Monster on the property before.  He was out in the open this morning, in fact I almost stepped on him.  I ran to get the camera & John kept track of him.  By the time I got back he had already found one of the brush piles to go into & didn't appreciate my efforts to get a good picture.

The dogs were barking like crazy, & the neighbor's dog was harassing him, which isn't a good form of entertainment.  Gila Monster's have a real nasty bite & disposition to match.  According to John's book on desert animals this is their mating season, so he's probably out looking for a friend.  

I guess Buddy has decided Pancho is going to be his victim as far as taking off fly masks.  I didn't see the mask go, but Buddy was in the area when I noticed it was missing & he has a track record. 


Ellesar said...

Gila in Indonesian means 'crazy'!

Tish said...

That is really interesting, we have a Gila River in Arizona. Now it makes me wonder who named it & the lizard. Is it pronounced "h"ila in Indonesian?