Thursday, June 21, 2012

WHEW IT'S HOT.........!!!!!

Been over 100 degrees in the area for the last week or so.  I think last year for 99 days Tucson had 100 degrees or more in a row, broke the record.  Hope we aren't going to do it again this year..........!!!! 

Last night the weatherman said the humidity was only 8%, sooooooo, if you are inside or in the shade it's not so bad.  If you are unfortunate enough to be out in the sun, it doesn't take long to figure out, it's HOT..........!!!

The donkeys get somewhere for the afternoon & stay there, not much moving around.  They have lots of mesquite trees to stand under & seem to know where the prevailing winds are.  We've always said, if you want to know where it is the warmest in the winter or coolest in the summer, watch the donkeys.  

There are some interesting relationships going on amongst the herd.  Honcho follows Boaz around.  Considering I thought they were going to kill each other the first few days Honcho was here, this turn of events is a little strange.  Boaz doesn't really show much interest in Honcho so far.   

Simmons & Jenny are no longer an item, Simmons is hanging more with the guys.  Guess that was just a passing fancy on his part.  Jenny could care less, when new guys come on the property, she does her thing for a day or two & if nothing happens she just ignores them.  

Pancho hasn't found anyone to run with yet.  He tried Buddy Brat for a few days.  That's a little confusing because they look a lot alike, although Pancho is a little darker grey.  And Buddy is a little heavier.  He looks at Simmons every once in awhile, but Simmons is too busy doing his thing.  When they are in their pen eating, Simmons stays busy showing Pancho who is in charge.  Pancho is very sweet, hope he finds a buddy. 

Gus spends most of his day hanging around by the dog pen.  The biggest & best dust bathing hole is there & he likes to lay there in the heat of the afternoon. He's going real good this summer, hasn't really had to have a lot of medication to keep his feet comfortable.  And his feet are actually looking pretty good for him, although to most people his feet are too tall, heels WAY too high.  Courtney has tried to take them down & it makes his feet sore.  So everyone has agreed to keep him trimmed to where he is comfortable & not worry about how they look.  

Just heard from Linda, Chester's Mom.  When we were up at the clinic Dr. Voss ran a test for Vally Fever.  Came back positive.  HUH?  Hate to show my ignorance, but I know very little about Valley Fever & never even thought about equine getting it.  I knew people & dogs get it, but that was about the limit of my knowledge.  Checked on the internet & there really isn't much information about equine Valley Fever.  Dr. Voss is going to give her a prescription for a drug she said they use for people & dogs.  

One symptom of Valley Fever is joint pain, I guess that is what caught Dr. Voss's attention.  Just went in & checked Merck on the internet, that was after I couldn't even find Valley Fever in the index of my Merck manual.  I can only assume Valley Fever in equines isn't very common, did find out the incubation period is 1-4 weeks. 

I forgot to ask the clinic how long we could leave Jenny's foot bandaged without changing it.  We've gone 6 days & it looked just fine.  If we could go 1 week, that would be easy to keep track of.   When they took the bandage off, John asked about the smell.  Dr. Voss said it's just stinky feet, like ours can get if they are sweaty.  OBTW the bandage they put on wore thru in 2 days, I've had one last 4 days.........!!!  Still haven't found the boot she lost a few days ago. 

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