Saturday, June 30, 2012

Courtney got out yesterday as planned.  Boaz's feet are really coming around, his front feet had been neglected & showed it.  He's been trimmed 3 times & they are looking much better.  

This is his proud flesh knee.  I haven't put any silver nitrate on it for awhile, what's left seems to just be scar tissue that has to heal.  I keep it covered with thuja zinc oxide, but this is what it looks like when he comes in after a day of rolling in the dirt, etc.  

She got to trim Simmons & Pancho for the first time.  I think I know a couple of boys that have been a little spoiled, especially Pancho.  When Courtney picked up one of his feet, he tried to squash her into the corral panel.  That was bad enough, except I was on that side too, so he had both of us squashed.  It's amazing what a nipper handle to the ribs will do to change his mind.  Actually once the ground rules were established they both did pretty good.  Kathy had said they aren't good with their hind feet, so we decided to leave that for another day.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to work with them before Courtney comes back.  A trimmer shouldn't have to "educate" your animals, although Courtney has always been willing to work with some of my more uncooperative "fur" kids.  They all usually come around & even get use to the power tools.  

We did Jenny last because we'd have to re-bandage her foot after Courtney looked, took pictures, & trimmed.  She trimmed just a little off the front, there is a piece that is probably going to break off.  We're afraid it is does, the open window area will collapse.  Dr. Voss said if it does, we'll have to bring her back up & they will put a metal strap across the opening to stabilize it as it grows out.  He said he wants her trimmed so she is carrying as much weight as possible on the quarters, the sides of her hoof.  

Courtney was absolutely thrilled with Jenny's frog & sole on that foot, took lots of pictures.  I have to admit that sole looks normal, which none of Jenny's feet have ever looked very normal at all, too much chronic foundering in her earlier life. 

I checked with Stacy to see how Bijou is doing.  She said he is doing just fine, his eyes are better, but unfortunately there is a lot of scar tissue around his eyes, that will always be a problem for him. 


Patti said...

Love your delightful interesting photos!
Will Courtney send you some of the pix of Jenny so you can post?

Tish said...

I assume you aren't talking about Boaz's knee.......!! LOL

Courtney said she'd send pics to Dr. Teskey, he's been in the loop since the beginning. I'll remind her to send me some too.