Monday, July 02, 2012

Courtney sent some pics she took of Jenny's foot.  Everyone seems to think it's doing just fine, but I think we'll all agree it looks like..........(fill in the blank). ..!!!

Hopefully with the passage of time, it will start to look more like a foot.  It doesn't seem to bother her & she walks good on it.  So I'm not going to worry about it, we'll keep it bandaged & watch it grow out. 

She is trailing her usual "band of admirers", right now it is Pancho, Simmons, & Quilla.  Simmons won't leave her until John shuts her gate, then he goes right in his pen with Pancho.  I haven't noticed her acting slutty, but they sure are being loyal.  

Last night Pepper didn't come in, John just happened to notice him down, over in Burroland in the sun.  John grabbed a couple of ropes & I got a bucket of water & a 60cc syringe.  Not knowing how long he'd been down I was afraid he'd be so dehydrated he wouldn't be able to get up.  He'd been down long enough to dig a pretty deep area with his feet trying to get up.  We flopped him over on his left side, but he didn't just pop up.  I started putting water in his mouth, doubt that it went any further than his mouth, but made me feel i was doing something.  I came over to get more water, & when I went back he was up with perky ears.  I "washed" his mouth out some more & wet hm down a little.  There was a breeze, so I figured that might cool him off.

After a few minutes he was ready to go, although his right leg he had been laying on wasn't working very good.  That knee is one of the reasons he gets down & can't get up.   He made it to his pen & ate his supper, the old buzzard.  I swear he is going to be the death of me, he's always so upbeat, I've never seen his ears anywhere else except standing up & alert & his eyes are always shiny.  We don't know what the tumor in his mouth is doing, it is so far back, Bert had to use a speculum to really see it good.  It was just a little patch of grey material fairly flat about the size of a quarter. 

Had a group of kids out to visit with the donkeys & do some grooming.  I need to find out the name of the organization, it looks like they are going to be coming out once a month.  The donkeys were thrilled to get groomed, although some of the kids had more fun combing the dogs. Of course the dogs were thrilled about that. This is the 2nd time they've been out, although except for one of the boys, Jonathan, it was all different kids.  Most of them had never seen a donkey before, so besides having fun, they also learn about donkeys.  At first some of them are afraid, but I usually let all of them go in with Gus at one time.  There is no way he would ever hurt anyone & is completely bomb proof.  After visiting with him, usually even the most timid ones, get over it.

New book listed in the sidebar under Great Reading, called Hotey.  Part of the cost of the book is donated to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  So besides being a good read, you'll also be helping a lot of donkeys.  I have no idea how many donkeys Mark has in his system, but it's 100's.  Can't imagine what his hay bill for a month adds up to........!!!! YIKES.....!!

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Witcheylady said...

I agree, Gus is wonderful with children. A friend of mine brought her grandchildren out a few times & the little girl just loved him. Of course, what's not to love about Gus?
Hugs to both him & Quilla.