Saturday, July 14, 2012

A couple came out yesterday to see about adding a couple of donkeys to their family.  Looks like Simmons & Honcho got the nod.  I explained that Honcho has been thru here 4 times, twice because his family moved & twice because he is Honcho which means he has attitude & is very smart.  Guess Cindy likes spunky donkeys.  Simmons isn't any slouch in the spunk department either, so she's probably going to have a lot of fun with those two.  

We'll do a home study in a couple of weeks, & if everything looks good, we'll deliver the boys to their new home.  

Jenny lost her boot again.  SIGH!  They are so difficult to find, especially in the brush.  But they do such a good job of protecting her foot, much better than just the duct tape or Gorilla tape boot.  I went out & looked for it yesterday & didn't find it.  When John came home from town he went out & it didn't take him long to come in carrying the boot.  I think in the future I'll just cut out one step in the search & just rely on him to find it rather than me going out & tramping around in the heat.  LOL

Going racing tonight, should be a fun night.  I'm racing, our son is racing, & Zac is back from college in Pennsylvania & will race his Dad's factory stock.  The Toyota John bought for me to race last year was Zac's race car.  In fact I was riding as a passenger the night Zac won his first race.  He's a great kid, although according to a friend that has seen him, he has really grown & filled out in the year he's been gone.  So maybe I can't call him "kid" anymore. 

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