Sunday, July 22, 2012

This morning was ..........interesting..........!!!!  As usual on race night we got to bed about 3am.  Woke up at 7 which is about an hour later than John usually hops out of bed.  I'm not really a morning person & hopping out of bed, does not appeal to me.  I like to gently "mosy" out of bed over a  1/2 hour or so.  But I sacrificed this morning because we were late.  

John goes out before I do, to start the round-up.  When I went out he was mumbling to himself.  It seems when he went out most if not all of them were out by the pens.  Tula took one look at him, & headed for Burroland, with a trail of her loyal followers right behind her.  There are always a few that are devoted to the idea of getting fed in their pens, but the rest of them were gone.  

Lately this has been a daily routine, the bean season makes them forget they are "domesticated" animals.  And yesterday rather than put up with their nonsense when we wanted to round them up a couple of hours early, so we could go racing, we just left them in the pens after breakfast.  Hmmmmmm..........I'm sure this morning was payback for them being so mistreated.

I grabbed a whip, (they make a swishing noise that the donkeys hate) & took off.  They weren't hard to find, because Chantilly brayed & gave away their hideout.  Tula is the only one I go after, get her going & the rest will follow.  A couple of "swishes" with the whip in the air, & a "rawhide yell or two", & the stampede was well under way.  John said he never saw Frijolita move that fast.  BlackJack was running & kicking to the side.  It's always amazing how they come over here in a panic & as soon as they get close to the pens, it's back to standing around like they have no clue what they are suppose to do...........!!!  Boaz did a couple of laps around the pens, & Simmons decided he didn't want to be herded, but he'd follow John into the pen.  It is always fun to watch their thought process, no matter how irritating it can be..............!!!  

I forgot we were suppose to do a home study today with Cindy & Tom.  Tom called & asked if we were coming.  It's not the first time I've got my schedule messed up, but I certainly hope it is the last.  Too much going on in too many different directions I guess.  We'll try for next Sunday, I circled it on my calendar in bright orange, so hopefully I won't forget again.  

John took my race car to a friend to "fix" before next Saturday.  The track was real slick last night, & brakes were rather optional, since they didn't stop the cars because of the wet track.  They threw the yellow flag, everyone was trying to slow down, actually some of them managed.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, it turned into a crash fest, brakes on, sliding into the car in front of you, & the guy behind you sliding into you.  The guy in front of me has a high back & my front is low, so I telescoped under his trunk.  My car was making "fan hitting" noises, but was still moving, so I continued, until it got too hot from the radiator being damaged, & the computer shut the engine off.  The front got a little bit "mushed" & needs to be straightened, so they can get the radiator out & put in a new one.  Will is good at straightening, & said he'd do it, which is great.  John's real good at body work, but when it gets into frame & braces, it takes the right tools. 

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