Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WHO KNEW.......!!

I learn something new every day, hopefully it is something useful.  Not always, but if not, at least it's something that I had no clue about before.  

The well guy is here right now, pulling the pump & dropping dry ice down the well.  I guess he put chemicals in first & then added dry ice which is suppose to make the water boil so the chemicals get pushed around & hopefully clean out the perforations that let the water in.  I guess between rust & calicum, not much water is getting in, at least that's what we're hoping.

Sunday we picked up the water wagon from Jon & Linda's.  John kept saying bowser & I finally figured out he was talking about the water wagon.  I try to keep things simple, & figured this was a "technical" term the Air Force came up with.  John still likes to use all that military jargon if he can.  Imagine my surprise when I did a search & found out it's a common term, I just never had heard it before.  The internet is such a wealth of information, even if some of it has to be taken with a grain of salt.  So now I have a new word to try to dump into a conversation, I have a feeling it "ain't" going to be easy........!!! LOL

Yesterday John went to have his eyes checked.  He's been having light shows & eclipses in his eyes & thought it was time to see what was going on.  He started to tell the technician about them & the guy started telling John what he was seeing, when it happens.  Even showed him pictures.  Has anyone ever heard of ocular migraines?  We sure hadn't. There's not much treatment if any for it, you just live with it I guess.

We changed Jenny's foot bandage this morning.  The hot weather is making her foot sweat which makes the bandages damp.  I'd love put some Vet Powder all over her foot to help keep it dry.  Last week it was really soggy & gunky, I cleaned it up & we let her foot air dry for about an hour before rebandaging it.  I did put a little Vet Powder around the coronet, & it looks a lot drier & tighter, if that makes sense.  So I figure it might be good on the whole foot.  Just called the vet clinic to see what they think.  By the way, when we had Jenny in the changing room, i.e. garage, Pancho waited patiently for her to come outside.  That's the first time one of the boys has actually waited for her.  She certainly has a following, most of the boys seem to think she's just what they want............!!!

Last night John noticed Chantilly was still limping a little bit on her right front.  She came here in January & we've never "messed" with her much.  She had learned to stay away from people by hiding behind Zorro & Rambo.  She come a long ways, insists we pet her when we feed & will come up to us anyplace on the property.  But none of that halter & picking up feet stuff.  John came in the feed room & said she let him pick up her foot & he could see the ouside was about an inch higher than the inside & the bar was way too long.  Don't know if that's the problem, but figured it wouldn't hurt to trim it off if we could.  We got it done, with a few abortive attempts, but she let John hold the foot up & me gnaw at it with my compound nippers .  It wasn't pretty, but at least the foot is level now.  Haven't noticed how she's walking today.

Boaz has a problem with habronema like Cisco, but he doesn't seem to be allergic to them.  He's had a place on his chest that today finally opened up & I can see them in there.  It's just a sore & not inflamed like Cisco would be.  So I slathered on some Ivermectin wormer, which should kill the little devils.  Still doctoring his knee, & the actual scab is still getting smaller. 

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