Wednesday, July 04, 2012

We got an inch of rain last night.  When Jenny came in this morning she was limping on her bandaged foot.  My assumption was it got wet & maybe the front piece had came off.  After everyone was fed we took her up to the garage, i.e. bandage changing room to look.  The piece hadn't come off, & it was not WET, but was very dampish.  The 3rd layer of bandaging is a baby diaper, which can probably hole a gallon of water.  Well maybe not quite that much, but they do hold a lot.  Her foot was definitely damp & "gooey".   So we set up a fan to blow on it & left it open for about an hour.  We had taken her breakfast hay up, so she could munch while we changed the bandage.  We found out that in the garage she only eats animal crackers, preferably after every move we make, hay wasn't an option..............!!!

I stayed with her while John cleaned pens.  Usually Lysa is here on Wednesday mornings to clean pens.  She lives on the other side of the San Pedro river & when she called this morning she said the river was running about 4 feet deep.  I told her just to put on her bathing suit & swim, but she didn't seem to think she wanted to do that........!!! LOL  

Do you think Jenny would stand still?  Of course not, she couldn't understand why nothing was going on, usually we take the bandage off, & put the new one on, we don't waste her valuable time standing around doing nothing.  

I found something I don't like.  The coronet is very soft & is loose in a place about 2 inches long.  She acted like it might be sore.  I haven't been putting anything on her foot, but decided since it was soft & smelled like stinky feet, after I cleaned it up I put some powdered zinc oxide on it.  She's good to go until Monday unless we get some more rain.  Hopefully it will be nice & dry then.  

Benson cancelled their fireworks for tonight because of no rain.  Thought the rain might change their minds, so I called the fire department & they said still a no go.  So we might go over to Willcox, they said their program is still on.  Benson is a bunch of wooses I think..............!!!

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