Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is Simmons yesterday following John into his pen for breakfast.  He was down at Tula's pen, which absolutely drives her crazy, she hates it when any of the riff raff get in HER pen.  And he is like most guys, completely oblivious to her reaction to his devotion.

This morning he decided he wasn't going to leave her side, no matter what, so around & around we all went, Tula usually in the lead, John & I trying to separate them enough for her to get in the pen & one of us to shut the gate.  And a very determined Simmons, staying close enough to touch her, which REALLY irritates her.  She finally took off at a dead run, caught him flat footed, & I got to the gate before he did.  Even then he kept trying to turn back to her pen before finally giving up.  

We're doing a home study tomorrow for Simmons & Honcho..........won't be any girls in that home, sorry Simmons.........!!!!

Got an e-mail this morning from Stacy Bijou's foster Mom.  He looks like he's doing real good, with his new little friends.  Little being the optimum word here, he's the big boy in the herd.  

Looks like we're having mini horse races.....!!! 
 And no boots on Bijou......WOO WOO....!!!!

Cinnamon is 24 inches tall

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