Friday, July 06, 2012


Probably doesn't look very exciting but I was "ecstatic"  when John came in the door carrying Jenny's 2 missing boots.  After the rain I had given up on ever finding them.  They are hard enough to see if she just lost them.  These had been missing for days, a couple of hard rain storms & lots of opportunities to get stepped on & squished into the ground.  

I had about decided to order a couple more, when John said he was going to go out & stay out until he found them.  I thought about sending him out with a bedroll & food, since I didn't think there was a chance.  He was gone over into Burroland at least 2 hours, just walking back & forth.  She usually stays on the trails or takes a side trip to the wallows, so that's where he paid the most attention. He said they were actually pretty close to each other on one of the trails.  One of them was turned upside down, which made it look weird.  He said the extra Vel-cro I sewed on, showed up pretty good, because it was white.  I've got to sew some more Vel-cro on the other one, she only had it on 1 day before she lost it, & I hadn't put the Vel-cro on it yet.  The regular straps probably would fit on a "normal" hoof, but aren't long enough to fit over her bandaged foot & stay secure.  

I called to see how Tucker & Mocha are doing.  Sounds like they've got the household up & running to their standards.  Unfortunately George the Goose got helped to make his final journey by Mocha.  He flew over the fence to challenge the donkeys.  January said they tried to ignore him, but he got right in Mocha's face honking & threatening.  Geese can really be nasty if they want to be.  So Mocha stomped him.  Our donkeys aren't getting along very good lately, first Honcho with the goats & now Mocha.  January doesn't blame Mocha, she says it was George's fault, but he was a pet, & I know they all feel bad about it. 

Heard from Bill that Maddie is lame on her good front leg.  He said her & Zorro didn't come in to eat, so he started looking for them on 40 acres of heavy brush.  Said he spent hours & couldn't find them.  Finally Zorro showed up to eat & when he finished, he led Bill to Maddie.  They have had a lot of rain, & Bill said her feet looked like softballs from a build up of mud.  He cleaned her feet, but said her knee looks a little swollen.  She probably fell off to the side with her feet built up like that & twisted her knee a little bit, sorta like falling off your high heels.  He's going to watch her for a couple of days & if she isn't better, I'll probably go see what's going on.  

John noticed some quids in the mini pen this morning. Cheyenne has lost some weight lately.  Actually she looks really good, we're so use to seeing overweight donkeys that seeing one that's in good weight, looks funny.  We had talked about getting a blood work-up on her, to make sure everything was OK.  So now this...............we'll try to look in her mouth tonight & maybe we can see something if she has a problem. 

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