Friday, July 20, 2012


Lately I have come to the conclusion that 3 of my donkeys will never have a home & family of their own.  Why you might ask?  

Cisco was a roping donkey in a roping school.  He was loaned out to the students to take home to practice their new found skills, until he shut down emotionally from the experience.  

When he came in besides not interacting with anything going on around him, he had horrible sores from a immunity problem that causes fly bites to erupt, which causes itching, which makes him scratch, causing sores, draws flies, etc, etc.  During the fly season he gets doctored every day to help keep him as sore free as possible.  

Quilla had years of neglect for fly damage on his front legs.  The resulting scars are like a picnic for stable flies & they can cause bloody sores in record time, without regular attention.  

Boaz had a wound at sometime on his knee that wasn't treated & developed a large growth of proud flesh that also wasn't treated.  At sometime in his life he has been on a ranch (he's branded) in with a bunch of other jacks, I would imagine.  The only use for a bunch of young jacks is roping.  He is covered with scars of one kind or another, probably from fighting.

My point is, all three of these guys are so gentle & so appreciative of attention.  They are perfect ambassadors for people that have never been around donkeys, because of their sweet nature.  

When someone comes out to look for a new member of their family, they never even give these 3 a second look once they find out they take daily care in the summer.

They don't know what they are missing, these guys are "silk purses" if only people could see beyond the scars & extra care they need.  


Witcheylady said...

You know how I feel about Quilla...if circumstances were different here ....I would take him in a minute.

Tish said...

I know...SIGH....!!

Susan & Joe said...


Sure wish I had the right home for any of these sweeties. Would they do better in a colder spot, or would cold weather aggravate other problems?

Tish said...

I don't know if cold weather would help them or not. Most cold areas have humidity, not sure if humidity & sweat causes more flies or not.

Susan & Joe said...

I was thinking a dry colder climate, like the mountains in AZ or NM

Tish said...

I really don't know, maybe someday someone from that type of area will come along & want to have some wonderful new friends that just take a little extra effort.