Sunday, July 29, 2012

Did our home study for Simmons & Honcho today.  It rained right before we got there & they live down a road that...........well......... shall we say is a little challenging after a rain.  One of their neighbor's had sand bags along the road to divert water, if that gives you a clue.  

Pretty area though they have a great view of the Huachuca Mountains, & the roads probably keep people that like sidewalks & Circle K's from thinking about moving to the country........!!!!!  

First thing I noticed is there is only 2 or 3 mesquite trees in the pasture........Yippee.....!!!  Simmons doesn't have a weight problem, but Honcho always has.  Right now he is plumping up nicely with the bean season in full swing.  The pasture is native stuff & we talked to them about not even feeding the donkeys as long as the "weeds" are out there.  

They have a quarter horse gelding, that is quite a character, wanted to be right in the middle of us when we went out to look things over. The donkeys have been around horses, but Copper hasn't been around donkeys, so the first day or so will probably be interesting for all.............!!!!! We'll move them next Sunday the 5th of Aug.  Simmons has a date with the vet the 3rd to have a piece of skin removed from his nose.  It has gotten caught on something & when it healed it didn't lay down.  It looks something like a skin tag & I seriously thought of sneaking up on him with a scalpel & cutting it off.  But I also thought of many things that could go wrong with such a thought, & decided to let the vet do it.

Tonight Pancho went into Honcho's pen, Honcho went into Simmons & Pancho's pen to see how he & Simmons would get along.  Needless to say when Simmons got thru acting like an idiot with Tula & went in his pen, he was shocked at this turn of events.  Simmons is a little food aggressive, & Pancho has learned the drill to stay out of trouble & still get to eat.  When he started acting like it was HIS hay, I got in his face & we had a "chat".  We chatted 3 or 4 times & I finally decided to put hay in 2 places at least for tonight.  They both eat fast & got finished in record time & I really shouldn't worry about Honcho not getting enough to eat.  For all of Honcho's quirkiness he is not a fighter, nor will he stand up to the other donkeys.  If there is a problem he just finds something else to do.  Might be a good way to put him on a diet, I guess.........!!!!   LOL

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