Wednesday, August 01, 2012


This morning I was petting Daisy & noticed she had lots of mats in her armpits & also the hair was sweat stiff.  This spring I was going to body clip her, but the Donkey Yahoo group had a pro-con discussion about whether to clip or not to clip.  Although the consensus was, God intended them to have hair to insulate from the desert heat, she does have Cushings & is on 3mg of Pergolide a day, so her hair growth isn't exactly "normal".  

One reason I'd put off clipping is I didn't know if my hands & wrists would take it.  A broken thumb, broken wrist & metatarsal bone in one hand & an eroding cyst in the other wrist, cuts into my style............!!!  But I decided to give it a try wearing my splints.  

This is what I had to work with, a very hairy girl.  Daisy's former owner gave me a big set of clippers made by Oster Stewart, I think you could clip a Yak with them, no problem.  But they are big & heavy.

It really went much better than I thought it would.  She's a good girl, she stood real still, maybe it felt good to get all of this off:

My hands held up real well, didn't have any problems & this is the finished product.

I didn't clip her legs, no sense in giving the flies a head start in gnawing their way to bare skin.

Lysa was here cleaning pens, in fact she was my back up in case I couldn't finish clipping Daisy.  She said we should try clipping BlackJack.  I told her if she wanted to, by all means have at it..............BUT........that I didn't think BJ would like it.  And when he doesn't like something he has a way of letting you know.  I remember him throwing himself on the ground in a temper fit one time because we had the audacity to want to trim his feet.  He's self trimmed his feet ever since.  I would imagine he would let me pick his feet up now without having a tantrum, but clippers.........????   Maybe not........!!! 


Morning Bray Farm said...

You did a great job, Tish! Daisy looks gorgeous and I'm sure she feels great. We wondered and wondered a couple of months ago whether or not we should trim Patrick, but seems that he's finally done a good job of shedding out on his own. :) Hope you are doing well aside from hands and wrists - good grief... poor you!

Tish said...

She seemed to be enjoying her new "do" when she came in tonight. I'm sure she is more comfortable.

I'm doing good, & my hands are doing OK. Suppose to have surgery on the eroding cyst, but I've learned how to manage it. I'm not a fan of surgery, so think I'll just work with what I have. LOL

The Three Muleteers said...

Looking good there Daisy, bet that feels so much better :-)

Tish said...

She does seem to be pretty perky today, maybe she's showing off her new "do"............!!!

Anonymous said...

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