Monday, August 06, 2012

This was yesterday when we delivered Honcho & Simmons to their new home.  As you can see they were very upset & frightened at this new happening in their lives................NOT......!!!  "Oh! boy new people with treats, life is good.........!!! "  Copper came over to their pen, laid his ears back a couple of times & once he found out people would pay attention to him & give treats, he didn't seem to care one way or the other about the donkeys being there. 

That is GRASS underneath their feet & it didn't take them but a few seconds to put their heads down & start nibbling.  They planned on leaving the boys in the small pen for a few days.  I think Cindy said she is off work tomorrow Tuesday, so I would imagine it will happen then.  I don't foresee any problems, I'm sure Copper will lunge at them with ears back a couple of times, & they will show him their hind feet & that will probably be it.  Not much drama..........!!! 

Friday we took Simmons & Cheyenne to the vet.  Simmons at some time has got his face caught on something that pulled a piece of flesh loose.  When it healed it stuck out like a skin tag & if you put a halter on him, of course it usually got hung up.  It was rather small & looked like it would be easy to "sneak" up on & nip it off quickly with either a scalpel or sharp scissors & I was tempted.  Glad I didn't try it, when she clipped it, blood shot out about 2 feet, she said she thought it was right over the main vein running down the side of his face, when she saw it.  She didn't want to put in a stitch because it would leave a "dimple", so it took awhile to get it to stop.  It looked pretty good by Sunday, & I gave them some thuja zinc oxide to keep on it, so the flies don't think it's a fly feasting area.  Which right now the flies are absolutely horrible, thank goodness for fly masks, I can't imagine how miserable the donkeys would be with all those flies in their eyes. 

Cheyenne is one of the minis, in fact she is the smallest about 32 inches tall.  Lately she has been quidding & losing weight.  Actually her weight is about perfect, but we're so use to seeing "chubbies" she looks thin.  Didn't find much wrong, she has a few sharp areas on her teeth but not enough to cause problems.  So I had a blood workup done, just to have a base line in case we need it later.  

Saturday we went to a surprise birthday party.  Considering his birthday was almost a month ago & there was nothing celebrated then, he was definitely "surprised"..........!!!!  He was too nosy at the time, so the party was put off for awhile.  LOL  He says he will get even............hmmmmm..........!!! 

We got to see Selena & Falena, aka Squeeky & Momma.  Falena is now out of her special shoe, & walking just fine.  Tyler had said it would take about a year, & that's about how long it's been.  They absolutely adore the girls, it is a wonderful foster home.  They would adopt the girls in a minute, but by law they still belong to the state as strays, even though the state never called me back.  If they were cows or horses they might get more involved, but burros............??  Not worth their valuable time. That's OK, the girls have a perfect home, with people that think they are great, so who cares if the paperwork isn't right? The state sure doesn't. 

Thursday, Georgette & I are heading out on a ROAD TRIP to Colorado.  We'll only be gone 5 days, poor John will not only have the donkeys, but will also be feeding Mother 6 times a day.  It's not really difficult, I have a list of "available" foods & she will tell you which one she wants. He's worried about it, but I've already told her she will have to be involved & anyway she won't starve in 5 days, I don't think........!!! LOL 

We're going up to visit Kathy Dean at Longhopes Donkey Shelter.  Kathy has an outstanding rescue/sanctuary & utilizes her resources wisely & Georgette & I don't really need much of an excuse to hit the road anyway.  This trip had been planned long before Mother decided I wasn't too bossy & she'd come live with us. John said he wanted me to still go, & the great thing about John is, he really means it.  I'm not sure I'd be so generous in the same position..........!!!!  LOL

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